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La Junta del Condado, el recién llegado Ventura, desafiará al Representante de los Estados Unidos Foster

Ventura, una autodenominada Demócrata Progresista elegida para la junta en noviembre, dijo en un comunicado de prensa que comenzó a considerar un desafío principal contra el titular de cinco mandatos después de reunirse con él hace varios meses como parte de un esfuerzo organizado por Nuestra Revolución para persuadir Fomentar para apoyar a Medicare para todos.

Will County Board Member Rachel Ventura, D-Joliet, will formally announce Saturday she will run for U.S. Congress against incumbent Bill Foster, D-Naperville.

Ventura, a self-described Progressive Democrat elected to the board in November, said in a press release she began considering a primary challenge against the five-term incumbent after meeting with him several months ago as part of an Our Revolution-organized effort to persuade Foster to support Medicare for All.

She believed Foster stonewalled her group on that issue, as well as on climate change.

Several months later, in a private meeting at her Joliet home, Ventura listened to family members and volunteers for almost two hours before she started putting a campaign together.

“Everyone felt that this was the right time to replace Foster with a more vocal leader who is putting forward an agenda that benefits the middle class, not wealthy elites,” said Ventura. “I will do a much better job representing this blue collar district.”

Ventura, a single mother of twin girls and business director ran an uphill battle against the local Democratic establishment to earn the seat on the Will County Board.

She said in the release she recognizes the national significance of the race as the divide spreads wider between the Progressive Democrats and the New Democrat Coalition, a conservative caucus that Foster belongs to.

“We are living through a tumultuous period of upheaval and crisis and I feel like our current representative is in a state of stasis,” Ventura said.

“It is just too much inaction on major issues like climate change, meaningful health care reform. wealth inequality, and campaign finance reforms. We the people deserve meaningful actions to address the crisis facing our generation and the next.”

Ventura will announce her run at two events Saturday:

JOLIET: A 10 a.m. announcement will take place at the Van Buren Plaza in Downtown Joliet, across from the Rialto Theater.

AURORA: A 2 p.m. announcement will take place at the Stolp Island Gazebo in Aurora, IL along the Fox River, 20 S. Stolp Island, Aurora.

Following the two announcement events, Rachel will campaign at the annual Plainfield Festival in downtown Plainfield from 5-6 p.m.


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