Our Revolution

I'm out talking to voters daily so that we can ensure our government works for everyone! Putting people and issues first! That's why I'm honored to be endorsed by Our Revolution who understand the everyday kitchen table problems of today!
IL State Senator

Pat McGuire

America Teachers Federation

We must value teachers for they are the first step in shaping our future!


Unions have protected living wages, benefits, and good working conditions. I am proud to be endorsed by AFSCME. I support them in their fight for the working class!
Minority Leader of The Will County Board

Herbert Brooks, Jr.

I am proud to endorse the Candidacy of Rachel Ventura due to her tenacious efforts and she is one of the right persons for the Will County Board at the right time!!!

Run For Something

We need a government that will work for all of us. I'm willing to be your voice!
IL State Senator

Daniel Biss

I am endorsing Rachel Ventura for Will County Board District 9. She will work hard for the people in her district as well as Will County. Rachel speaks out for what is right for the many, even if it’s not popular. She sets the agenda for people and their dignity.
Illinois House of Representatives

Litesa Wallace

I'm so proud of you!
Joliet Township Clerk

Beth Ann May

I am happy to endorse Rachel for the position of Will County Board Member, District 9. She is knowledgeable of the issues the district faces and has a strong passion to serve. She is qualified in my book!
IL State Representative 85th District

John Connor

Rachel is the fresh voice that the Will County Board needs now.
Lockport Township Clerk

Denise Mushro-Rumchak

I fully support Rachel Ventura for Will County Board District 9. I believe in Rachel and what she stands for, integrity, grit, and determination. Rachel is someone you can trust in government to do the right thing even if when it’s not popular or comfortable. Rachel will fight for the residents of Will county and work tirelessly to get our government back on track. I have seen first-hand her devotion to her family and her community. She will give 110 percent for what she believes in, and work across the aisle to accomplish what is best for the constituents of Will County. Join me in voting for an intelligent hard working woman to Will County Board District 9. Vote early or on November 6, 2018. Rachel Ventura will not disappoint you.
Lockport Township Democrats Chair

Ken Griffin

As a long time observer of Will County politics, I can think of no one better to represent District 9 than Rachel Ventura, a change agent who will bring her best to the voters.
Lockport Township Collector

Karen Johnson

It has been a pleasure getting to know Rachel over the past years. She has integrity, grace and grit--and she does her homework. She is working both smart and hard to get elected to serve her constituents and I know she will put in the same effort in serving them once elected.

Kane County Progressives

I'm excited to announce another endorsement! Thank you to the progressives from the neighboring Collar County to the North for endorsing me. Together we can make our government work for everyone whether it is in our backyards or across this country!


Women must have Reproductive Freedom and the autonomy of their own body.

Will County Progressives

I am honored to have earned the Will County Progressive Endorsement

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 124

Theater has always been near and dear to my heart. So much has to happen to put a live show on and often those who work the hardest never share the spotlight.

Elvira Huerta

I trust in the candidacy of Rachel Ventura and her agenda for the welfare of the community. Since I met her I was surprised by her enthusiasm and dedication to helping the community. Confío en la candidatura de Raquel Ventura y en su agenda de trabajo para el bienestar de la comunidad, desde que la conocí me sorprendió su entusiasmo y dedicación para ayudar a la comunidad.

Elizabeth Regnier

I've known Rachel most of my life and I trust that she can get things done!

John C. Ormins

I endorse Rachel Ventura because we need a person with integrity and VISION on the County Board. Also we NEED more democrats on the County Board.

Stephan Kelly

Kevin Morgano